Thursday, May 10, 2012

Egyptian Judge Frees Attackers Who Knifed Christian

Egyptian Judge Frees Attackers Who Knifed Christian: "Hard-line Salafi Muslims cut off Copt’s ear, terrorize his family.

ISTANBUL, May 9 (CDN) — A judge in Upper Egypt has dismissed all charges against a group of Salafi Muslims who cut off the ear of a Christian in a knife attack and tried to force him to convert.

The Salafists, who say they base their religion on the practices of the first three generations of Muslims after Muhammad, had falsely accused 46-year-old Ayman Anwar Metry of having an affair with a Muslim woman, the Christian told Compass. On April 22 the judge exonerated the assailants only after Metry, under intense pressure in a “reconciliation meeting,” agreed to drop charges, said his attorney, Asphoure Wahieb Hekouky."


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