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Ban on UK Christian radio advert upheld

Ban on UK Christian radio advert upheld: "

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

The High Court in Fleet Street, London
LONDON, UK (ANS) -- A British High Court judge has upheld a ban on a Christian radio advert, ruling that it was “directed to a political end.”

According to London-based Christian concern (, the proposed advert for Premier Christian Radio quoted research suggesting that 60% of Christians believed that members of their faith were becoming increasingly marginalized in the workplace.


Hindu Villagers Attack Mourners in India

Champa Pawar, Jaikant Pawar's widow.
Hindu Villagers Attack Mourners in India: "Assailants in Chhattisgarh state try to prevent burial of Christian.

NEW DELHI, April 27 (CDN) — Hindu extremists trying to stop the burial of a convert to Christianity last week in Chhattisgarh state beat a pastor and other Christians, including children and two 60-year-old women who fell unconscious, sources told Compass.

Jaikant Pawar, 31, of Balgal village, Kanker district, died on April 20 en route to a hospital; an asthma sufferer, he had complained of chest pains. When more than 40 Christians at the family’s house were taking his body out for burial, Hindu villagers who had surrounded the house stopped them."


Kidnapped Swiss Christian Freed Amid Mali’s Unrest

Beatrice Stockly
Kidnapped Swiss Christian Freed Amid Mali’s Unrest: "Rebels release Beatrice Stockly as country forms transitional government.

ISTANBUL, April 27 (CDN) — Separatist Islamist rebels released a Swiss Christian woman kidnapped by a private militia on April 15 amid political turmoil in Timbuktu, Mali, according to a Swiss foreign ministry statement.

Armed members of the militant Islamic group Ansar Dine handed Beatrice Stockly to Swiss diplomats on Tuesday (April 24), Reuters reported.

Before rebels captured Timbuktu on April 1, most Westerners had reportedly left due to fears of being kidnapped and passed on to Al-Qaeda cells. The terrorist group’s North African branch, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), has been holding Westerners for millions of dollars in ransom payments from previous kidnappings in recent years."


Christian’s Six-Year Sentence Upheld in Egypt

Christian’s Six-Year Sentence Upheld in Egypt: "Copt wrongly convicted of ‘blasphemy,’ inciting sectarian strife, lawyer says.

ISTANBUL, April 27 (CDN) — A judge in Upper Egypt has upheld a six-year prison sentence for a Coptic Christian wrongly convicted of “blasphemy” against Islam and inciting sectarian strife, his lawyer said.

The judge in Assuit on April 5 refused to strike down a Feb. 29 sentence delivered to Makarem Diab, 49, of the town of Abnoub in Assuit Province. The charges stem from an argument that Diab had in February with Abd Al Hameed, a fellow employee at Deer Al Gabrawy Prep School."


Friday, April 27, 2012

Blind Activist Chen Guangcheng Has Escaped House Arrest; Feared in Danger | Womens Rights Without Frontiers

Blind Activist Chen Guangcheng Has Escaped House Arrest; Feared in Danger | Womens Rights Without Frontiers: "Leading Chinese activist He Peirong has reported that Chen Guangcheng has escaped house arrest.

Earlier in the day, blind forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng was reported “disappeared,” by a reliable source who contacted Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.  Yaxue Cao, a key Chinese human rights activist who has been advocating on behalf of Chen Guangcheng, told WRWF that she spoke with Chen’s nephew, Chen Kegui.  Kegui’s mother overheard guards saying that Chen Guangcheng had “disappeared” from his home, where he had been under strict house arrest.  Neither villagers nor family members know where he is.  Yaxue Cao posted the recording of her conversation with Chen Kegui here."


Bible School, Church Buildings Attacked in Sudan

Bible School, Church Buildings Attacked in Sudan: "Islamist mob inflicts massive damages on Christian compound in Khartoum.

JUBA, South Sudan, April 26 (CDN) — Christians faced increased hostilities in Sudan over the past few weeks, culminating in an attack on a Christian compound in Khartoum by a throng of Muslim extremists armed with clubs, iron rods, a bulldozer and fire.

Breaking down the compound wall with a bulldozer, the assailants on Saturday (April 21) set fire to the Gerief West Bible School and the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church (SPEC) building; they also damaged three other places of worship and other buildings in the same compound, sources told Compass by telephone. Also damaged were a clinic, a home for the elderly, classrooms and living quarters. "


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christian pastor shot dead in the Philippines

Christian pastor shot dead in the Philippines:
"By Noel Tarrazona
Special to ASSIST News Service

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES (ANS) -- A pastor of a local Born Again Christian Church in Quezon City, the Philippines, was brutally shot dead in Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City, by two unknown gunmen in front of his teenage daughter at Wednesday night (April 25, 2012)."


Grandfather steals children from his 'infidel' Christian son

Mission Network News: "East Africa (MNN) ― A man in a heavily-Muslim-populated area of East Africa recently kidnapped his grandchildren after discovering that their father--his son--was teaching them about Christianity, reports the International Mission Board.

The grandfather, "Demissie," found his grandson reading a Bible one day and asked what it was. When the boy told Demissie it was his father's Bible, Demissie confronted his son, "Beniam.""


International Religious Liberty Association wraps up largest-ever World Congress

Mission Network News: "Dominican Republic (MNN) ― Today marks the last day of the historic 7th World Congress for Religious Freedom.*

Delegates from more than 60 countries gathered in the Dominican Republic for three days of meetings focusing on the issues of religious freedom, advocacy and more."


China Plans to Eradicate House Churches

China Plans to Eradicate House Churches: "Government aims to shut down groups failing to register with official church within 10 years.

DUBLIN, April 25 (CDN) — China’s government is engaged in a three-phase campaign to eradicate Protestant house churches, according to a statement released Friday (April 20) by the China Aid Association (CAA).

The government’s strategy was clearly outlined in a document released last September during a training class for “Patriots in the Christian Community” run by the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA), according to an unnamed CAA source. "


Bombers Attack Center in Christian Area of Jos, Nigeria

Bombers Attack Center in Christian Area of Jos, Nigeria: "Suspected Islamic extremists throw explosive, injuring at least four.

JOS, Nigeria, April 25 (CDN) — One person was killed and nine others were injured last night after suspected Islamic extremists attacked a TV viewing center in a Christian area of Jos where a crowd had gathered to watch soccer.

At about 10:15 p.m. at the viewing center, one of many such establishments popular in Nigeria for watching soccer matches, the attackers drove past the site and threw an explosive device at hundreds of Christians watching the match, eyewitnesses told Compass. "


Monday, April 23, 2012

Believer awaits appeal decision after 'shaking the faith' of Muslims

Mission Network NewsAlgeria (MNN) ― Algeria is earning its keep as country number 23 on the Open Doors World Watch List for the worst persecutors of Christians.

Voice of the Martyrs, Canada and Voice of the Martyrs, USA recently cited two separate accounts of persecution in Algeria.

An Algerian Christian was sentenced to five years in prison for "shaking the faith" of Muslims last May. Currently, "Kadar" is awaiting a decision on his appeal.

Kadar, who regularly shares his faith with Muslims in the city of Oran, was discussing his belief in Christ with a man at an outdoor food court last May when the man became angry and accused Kadar of insulting Muhammad. Police arrested Kadar and found a large amount of Christian materials in his apartment.

After Kadar was convicted, the judge gave him the maximum sentence of five years in prison even though the prosecutor had recommended a lesser sentence. Kadar is now out on bail awaiting the decision.

Another case has been much more hopeful. An Algerian evangelist, "Azad," had been a believer for several years when his father chased him out of his family home. Azad's in-laws even threatened to take away his wife if he continued to evangelize. A few months later, Azad was fired from work.

In the midst of the battle, Azad told a VOM worker, "I am so discouraged, and I feel hatred against God." He stopped reading his Bible or going to church.

Recently, though, Azad asked a Christian friend for something to read. The Christian gave him "Tortured for Christ," a book written by VOM's founder about his experiences in prison. The book had a profound effect on Azad, and he decided to accept his plight and recommit to the Lord.

Life is not easy for believers in Algeria. Pray that the Lord will give believers undergoing persecution peace and strength, and even more opportunities to share the Gospel. Ask that the Church will continue to grow in Algeria. 

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