Saturday, November 5, 2011

Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya

Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya: "Assuming he is convert from Islam, victim’s countrymen leave him for dead.
NAIROBI, Kenya, November 4 (CDN) — A Somali Christian in Kenya is nursing injuries after young Muslim men from his country beat him with iron rods and wooden clubs last week, leaving him unconscious at a church entryway. "

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Police-Sponsored Thugs Attack Church in Central Vietnam

Police-Sponsored Thugs Attack Church in Central Vietnam: "Pastor’s father, other relatives seriously injured after authorities disrupt Sunday service.
HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, November 3 (CDN) — Thugs said to be doing the bidding of local authorities attacked a pastor and his family with iron bars and wooden clubs in central Vietnam on Oct. 23, seriously injuring the heads and arms of the church leader’s father and other relatives, sources said."

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Muslim pilgrims gather in Saudi Arabia for Hajj

Mission Network News: "International (MNN) ― An estimated 2.5 million visitors are descending on Mecca, Saudi Arabia today.

Fouad Masri with Crescent Project says it's the beginning of Hajj. "Hajj literally means 'to visit' or 'to come back.' It's a pilgrimage. It's a ritual that Muslims have to do once in a lifetime, for those who are able.""

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Girl tortured for her faith finally leaving hospital

Mission Network News: "Uganda (MNN) ― After nearly a year in the hospital, 14-year-old Susan Ithungu has finally been released.

Ithungu was hospitalized after undergoing severe torture by her father. When he discovered his daughter had become a Christian, Ithungu's father locked her in a dark room for six months, according to Open Doors, USA."

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Minister of an Iranian House Church Is Still Being Held In Ahwaz Prison

Minister of an Iranian House Church Is Still Being Held In Ahwaz Prison: "AHWAZ, IRAN (ANS) -- News has just come out of Iran that Noorollah Qabitizade, an Iranian Christian convert and house church leader, whose condition had been unknown for the past 10 months, is being held in Ahwaz prison in Khuzestan Province, “with an unknown fate.”"

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Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya

Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya: "KENYA (ANS) -- Compass Direct News (CDN) is reporting that a Somali Christian in Kenya is nursing injuries after young Muslim men from his country beat him with iron rods and wooden clubs last week, leaving him unconscious at a church entryway."

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Iranian News Agency Interviews one of Pastor Nadarkhani’s Lawyers

Iranian News Agency Interviews one of Pastor Nadarkhani’s Lawyers: "RASHT, IRAN (ANS) -- It has now been almost two years since Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, one of the so-called non-Trinitarian Christians, was arrested.

In a new interview with the Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News , Abbas Salmanpour, one of the attorneys of Yousef Nadarkhani, describes Nadarkhani's current situation."

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Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya

Somali Muslims Cut, Beat Christian Unconscious in Kenya: "KENYA (ANS) -- Compass Direct News (CDN) is reporting that a Somali Christian in Kenya is nursing injuries after young Muslim men from his country beat him with iron rods and wooden clubs last week, leaving him unconscious at a church entry"

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Two Dead and Twelve Wounded in Armed Raid on Church in Nigeria’s Kaduna State

Two Dead and Twelve Wounded in Armed Raid on Church in Nigeria’s Kaduna State: "By Michael Ireland
Senior Correspondent, ASSIST News Service
KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA (ANS) -- Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) says that calm is reported to be returning to Tabak Village in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area (LGA), Kaduna State, after local youths blocked roads in protest at Thursday night’s armed raid on a village prayer meeting that left two people dead.

According to a CSW media update, the attack on St Augustine Catholic Church occurred at around 11:45 in the evening."

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Human rights are a religious priority, says African rights gathering | Ekklesia

Human rights are a religious priority, says African rights gathering | Ekklesia: "Participants in the second Africa Human Rights Defenders Training in West Africa organised by the World Council of Churches have called on faith-based institutions to use their constituencies to uphold human rights and dignity.

They have also expressed concern on failures in the justice system and denial of human dignity to the majority of people in the Mano River Union countries."

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Government backed repression of critics increasing in Uganda | Ekklesia

Government backed repression of critics increasing in Uganda | Ekklesia: "The Ugandan government and public officials are increasingly placing illegitimate restrictions on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly to silence critical voices, global human rights NGO Amnesty International says, in a report released on 1 November 2011."

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Congregations Evicted, Evangelism Stifled

Congregations Evicted, Evangelism Stifled: "SOUTH ASIA (ANS) -- Pastor Baldev’s small fellowship meets for worship service in the house Baldev rents. His landlord is not a believer, however, and he has begun opposing Pastor Baldev’s ministry. He told Baldev that the fellowship may no longer meet there and that Baldev himself must move out."

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Burma (Myanmar): Interests, smokescreens & ethnic cleansing

Burma (Myanmar): Interests, smokescreens & ethnic cleansing: "AUSTRALIA (ANS) -- Burma has been subject to Western political and economic sanctions for decades because of its repression of democracy. However, since the mid-1990s ascendant China has been taking Burma into its embrace, supplying it with loans and commodities, trading freely and building infrastructure -- but not out of benevolence. China is pursuing its own interests, in particular it interest in gaining access to Burmese ports on the Bay of Bengal, where there has long been a power vacuum. Motivated by this threat, the US is now pursuing engagement with Burma. Consequently Burma's geo-strategic value is rising in line with China's economic and military ascendancy, which means Burma (like Indonesia -- RLPB 119) can now play geo-politics to its own advantage. To this end, the regime is welcoming the US overtures as they offer a way to counter the anti-China sentiment rising inside Burma."

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Local Authorities in Burma’s Kachin State Issue New Regulations Restricting Religious Activity

Local Authorities in Burma’s Kachin State Issue New Regulations Restricting Religious Activity: "SURREY, ENGLAND (ANS) -- Burmese authorities are imposing new restrictions on religious activities in Kachin State.

According to information received by Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), on Oct. 14 the Chairman of Maw Wan Ward in Phakant Township, Kachin State sent a letter to local churches, titled “Concerning Christians conducting cultural training.”"

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Faith-healing parents sentenced to six years

Religion News Service: "OREGON CITY, Ore. (RNS) An Oregon judge on Monday (Oct. 31) sentenced two members of a faith-healing church to more than six years in prison, saying the death of their newborn son was easily avoidable. "


Kazakhstan (MNN) ― Two explosions went off in Kazakhstan yesterday morning, killing one man and injuring no others. The man killed was reportedly a suicide bomber responsible for one of the two attacks.

Killing of Christian protestors, far-fetched denials leave citizens enraged.
By Wayne King
ISTANBUL, November 1 (Compass Direct News) – The Egyptian army’s killing of 27 people – including at least 23 Christians – who were protesting the burning of a church building has removed any respect most Egyptians had for the transitional military government, according to Christian human rights activists in the country.
The activists, along with members of Egyptian churches, said that the attack and the subsequent denial of any wrongdoing by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has taken away any credibility the army had among Christians, moderate Muslims and “secularists.”
Instead of assuming any responsibility for the killings, the military instead blamed unidentified
“enemies of the nation.”
Wagih Jacoub, a Coptic human rights activist who was injured during the attack, was enraged at the assault and subsequent denial of responsibility.
“They are absolutely lying,” he said.
Jacoub said the evening of the protest resembled “hell brought down to Earth.” He said he was walking with the protestors when he was hit across his chest with pellets from what he described as a homemade shotgun.
“All of the sudden I was bleeding; my head was bleeding,” he said.
Jacoub recounted that he was also slashed across the top of his head with a knife; he then dropped to the ground, where he faded in and out of consciousness.
“People picked me up and took me to the hospital,” he said.
After being treated for his injuries, Jacoub wandered around the hospital in a state of horror and disbelief. Bodies from the protest had been pouring in, and relatives hovered over the dead, weeping and screaming.
Jacoub noticed that one body looked very familiar. It was his friend, Mina Daniel. Before the attack, Jacoub and Daniel had been walking and joking together as other protestors came up to Daniel to say hello.
“We were laughing and talking in the protest, and then a few hours later I saw him lying in the morgue,” he said. “What did he do to deserve that?”
According to a medical report obtained and released online by his friends, Daniel was shot through the heart. Daniel, who had been injured during the January revolution, was an ardent political activist and a vigorous promoter of Christian-Muslim unity in Egypt. He was 25. 
Vacillating Denials
In a press conference held three days after the Oct. 9 attack, generals with the SCAF vacillated between two positions: that they could not confirm whether soldiers were driving the vehicles that hurtled into the crowds, and stating that, “Soldiers driving armored vehicles were trying to avoid civilians who were throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at them.”
They have now stated that they are seeking a man in “a red shirt” the SCAF said is responsible for running over protestors.
The army flatly denied shooting at the protestors, instead asserting that counter-revolutionaries hidden among protestors were responsible for the deaths.
“There are enemies of the revolution. Don’t tell us this is a conspiracy theory. History has proven there are conspiracies,” Gen. Adel Emara said. “These enemies attempt to raise doubts about the leadership which are untrue and ignite sectarian tumult.”
Despite the military denials, at a press conference held on Oct. 14, forensic pathologist Dr. Magda Adly released a report stating that, of the 23 victims that doctors were able to examine post mortem, two had died of lacerations, 13 had been crushed by vehicles and two had been shot. Adly added that the doctors thought the caliber of the rounds found in the bodies of the victims were commonly used in the ammunition in Egyptian army sidearms. Doctors were unable to examine the four other victims.
In addition to the accusations against the military, there has been an uproar about the way the state media reported the incident. Although most of the killings happened just outside the Maspero media building, television news readers there not only told the Egyptian public that Coptic activists were attacking the army but implored Egyptians to go out to the streets and “defend the army.”
A lay pastor for a large Protestant church who requested anonymity said Christians and moderate Muslims now see that the army is a big part of sectarian violence in Egypt.
“The army has revealed itself,” he said.
The pastor said if the military was serious at all about addressing the events of what is now known as “Black Sunday,” they would court-martial the soldiers who ran the vehicles into the crowds of protestors. If the killings were accidental, then the soldiers in question should be tried for manslaughter and dereliction of duty, he said. If it was intentional, then they should be tried for murder.
Moreover, he said, if the soldiers were acting under orders, “Then the officers should be court-martialed.” 
Token Efforts
In the wake of the attack, the military-led transitional government announced it would rework the country’s discrimination law by making penalties for violating it more severe. It also promised to make headway on a law to change the way Christians will be allowed to build churches.
But all the Christians surveyed said increasing the penalties is useless if, as human rights activist Athanasious Williams said, “They don’t enforce the laws.”
The pastor agreed, calling the changes “ineffectual.”
“I don’t think it’s going to work,” he said. “I will not believe it unless I see it implemented fairly.”
Targeting Civil Disobedience
The Cairo attack started late in the afternoon of Oct. 9, when unidentified men began throwing rocks at the protestors, most of whom were Christians. As the protestors made their way from a largely Christian part of Cairo to the center of town, some of them began throwing the rocks back at their attackers, and in the melee that ensued, the men attacked the protestors with knives, metal poles, and construction timbers, according to witnesses.
By the time protestors reached the Maspero Building, the headquarters for much of Egypt’s state-owned media, protestors began taking gunfire, and the military turned its riot-control vehicles on the demonstrators, running many of them over. Twenty six protestors died in the attack. The next day, another victim died of his injuries, bringing the total to 27.
The oldest victim was 66. The youngest was 19.
Medical officials reported that one soldier died in the melee. But the military, while claiming several soldiers were killed during the attack, declined to say how many were killed, stating that it would affect the morale of the army. The dead soldiers were buried quietly, they said, to avoid further “sectarian” violence.  
Much of the attack was captured on digital video and placed on the Internet by protestors and the news media, including graphic footage of riot-control vehicles ramming into crowds and crushing protestors. In one video segment, a military vehicle flipped over just after striking several Copts. As a crowd rushed to the vehicle, presumably to pull out the driver and kill him, a priest threw his body over the solider and protected him, taking the blows until the assault  stopped. The priest later walked the soldier back to the safety of other military personnel.
Blame the Victims
The Oct. 9 protest came in response to a Sept. 30 attack in Upper Egypt where the Mar Gerges Church was burned down along with several Christian-owned homes and businesses in Al Marenab, a village in Aswan Province.
The church building, which was being renovated, was attacked by local Muslims who claimed the congregation had no right to alter it, despite legal documents parish priests had stating the contrary. The local Muslims claimed the structure was a hospitality house.
Before the attack, after negotiating with local Muslims, parishioners of the church had taken down crosses on the outside of the building. And when it was attacked, contractors were removing domes that locals held to be offensive.
The Mar Gerges burning was the third church building in Egypt in seven months to be burned down by a mob.
The protestors gathered in Cairo were upset, not only at the lack of government action in defending the church building from the mob, but specifically for claiming that the Christians in Al Marenab didn’t have the proper permits but built it anyway – in effect saying that they brought the attack on themselves. No one has been arrested in connection with the burning.
Copyright 2011 Compass Direct News

Kazakhstan explosions come on the heels of new religion laws

Mission Network News: "Kazakhstan (MNN) ― Two explosions went off in Kazakhstan yesterday morning, killing one man and injuring no others. The man killed was reportedly a suicide bomber responsible for one of the two attacks.

The first blast apparently came from a trash bin and went off near an administrative building in Atyrau, according to Reuters news agency. The second went off near the offices of the city's prosecutors, breaking windows but harming no one except the bomber."


Burma Army Targets Christian Civilians in War on Insurgents

Burma Army Targets Christian Civilians in War on Insurgents: "A recent attack on Christians and church buildings by Burmese soldiers in Kachin state showed that Christian civilians are targeted in the military offensive against insurgents.

“Targeting of Christians is not unusual in Burma’s conflict zones,” Nawdin Lahpai, editor-in-chief of the Kachin News Group, told Compass by phone, referring to the Oct. 16 military firing at a church, detention of a priest and four parishioners, and burning of church property in Kachin state. “The incident reflects the long-time policy of the Buddhist-Burman-majority Burmese government, which discriminates against the ethnic Christian minority.”"


Monday, October 31, 2011

Coptic Christian Student Murdered by Classmates for Wearing a Cross

Coptic Christian Student Murdered by Classmates for Wearing a Cross: "CAIRO, EGYPT (ANS) -- In mid-October Egyptian media published news of an altercation between Muslim and Christian students over a classroom seat at a school in Mallawi, Minya province.

Egyptian journalist Mary Abdelmassih, writing for AINA -- Assyrian International News Agency -- , says the altercation lead to the murder of a Christian student"


Sunglasses Freedom Campaign Launched for Blind Activist's 40th Birthday - Christian Newswire

Sunglasses Freedom Campaign Launched for Blind Activist's 40th Birthday - Christian Newswire: "SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Blind activist Chen Guangcheng will turn 40 on November 12. In his honor, Women's Rights Without Frontiers is launching a Sunglasses Freedom Campaign, in solidarity with the sunglasses campaign that has started within China."


India Briefs: Recent Incidents of Persecution

By Mahruaii Sailo
Kerala, India, October 31 (Compass Direct News) – The government on Oct. 20 deported U.S. evangelist William Lee, blacklisted him and prohibited him from visiting India again after police arrested him on Oct. 14 for participation in a musical concert in Kaloor Stadium, Cochin and jailed him for allegedly violating terms of his visa by preaching, according to the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). Lee participated in an in-door musical program organized by Faith Leaders Church of Lord, Tiruvalla. After three days in jail, the evangelist complained of chest pain and was admitted to a hospital. The Ernakulam magistrate’s court fined him 10,000 rupees (US$202). The GCIC condemned Lee’ arrest as selective, releasing a statement that, “The moral policing, sectarian violence and the selective arrest of Christian evangelists demonstrate very clearly a failure of secular institutions in India.”
Karnataka – On Oct. 17 in Sullia, South Kanara, Hindu extremists along the with village head exhumed the body of a Christian woman, alleging that Christians were guilty of an illegal burial. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that a pastor identified only as Moses V. conducted the funeral service of Asha Latha of Bethsaida Assembly of God Church on land he had bought as a burial ground. Just as the Christians had completed the ceremony and interned the body, the village head and about 100 extremists forced them to exhume the body and bury it elsewhere and complained to Sullia police. Officers arrived and took the pastor to the police station. As Christians buried Latha’s body on her land at Ivara Nadu, police questioned the pastor till about midnight, GCIC reported. He was released only after area leaders’ intervention, but on Oct. 18 police took him back to the station for further questioning.             
Andhra Pradesh – Police on Oct. 16 detained Christians after Hindu extremists beat them and damaged a pastor’s car in Ramagudam. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that about 100 Hindu extremists from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) barged into the evening youth meeting, beat the young Christians and took them to the police station. A pastor identified only as Suresh rushed to the station, but the RSS stopped him and damaged his car. After beating the pastor, the RSS members filed a false charge of forcible conversion, according to the GCIC. Pastor Suresh also filed a police complaint against the attackers, after which the youth leaders were released without charges.
Karnataka – Police on Oct. 15 seized the passport of a pastor who runs an orphanage after he reported a missing orphan in Kadugodi, near Bangalore. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that Joseph Victor notified authorities that a 15-year-old girl at his Navajeevan Orphanage left the facility to attend a tailoring class. Police told him he could file a written complaint the next morning, and Pastor Victor sent his associate pastor and a clerk to the police station the next day to do so. While police made the Christians wait, the station inspector and sub-inspector went to the orphanage and demanded to know whether Pastor Victor had permission to operate the facility. After questioning, they took him to the police station. Detaining the Christians till evening, police and forced them to sign a statement that they themselves should search for the missing girl, demanded that they produce all documents for operating the orphanage and a house church and confiscated the pastor’s passport, reported the GCIC.
Andhra Pradesh – Hindu extremists from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on Oct. 15 accused Christians of forceful conversion and attacked them in Ramagundam. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported the extremists accused the Glorious Ministries youth group as they were preparing for three days of meetings at Calvary Temple on Oct 18-20. The extremists took the youth group to the police station. When a pastor identified only as Suresh along with three other Christians went to the station, about 100 extremists led by Thota Kumara Swamy attacked them, seriously injuring their heads and eyes and badly damaging their car with boulders, according to the GCIC. The Christian youths were charged and taken to the Karim Nagar Magistrate Court. At press time area Christian leaders were taking steps to resolve the matter.
Karnataka – Police in Arasikere arrested Pastor Sunder Raj on Oct. 13 after Hindu extremists filed a complaint alleging that he tried to demolish a temple and had attacked and abused them with foul language. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that police, bowing to the extremists’ pressure, filed an anti-religion atrocity case against the pastor, whom a judge sent to Hassan Jail; he was released on bail the next day. In 2004 the Arasikere Municipality, pressured by Sangh Parivar extremists, had demolished a church building alleging that it was constructed without permission and then built a temple on the same spot. Police had refused to accept the pastor’s complaints. Pastor Raj fought the case for more than two years but lost it in 2006. He then appealed to the District Sessions Court at Hassan, which ordered a fresh survey of the land. Knowing this, some Sangh Parivar extremists damaged a small part of the temple wall to make it appear the pastor was guilty of an anti-religious atrocity, according to the GCIC. 
Karnataka – Police arrested six tribal Christians on Oct. 12 in Kulshalnagar, Coorg after Hindu extremists barged into their prayer meeting, verbally abused them and filed a complaint against them of forceful conversion. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that the incident took place on the previous day at about 7 p.m., when the extremists forcefully entered into the prayer meeting at a Christian’s house. Accusing them of forceful conversion, the angry extremists destroyed vehicles parked outside the house, according to the GCIC. The police who arrived soon after arrested the Christians and took them to the Siddapura police station. They were sent to Virajpet jail and were released on bail the next day.
Maharashtra – Hindu extremists led by Gupsingh Raya Paurana threatened to murder a convert Christian from Hinduism, Ram Balli, and other Christians after launching repeated attacks on them in Virla Town, Sirja, Dhule. “Gupsingh Raya Purana claimed that he was imprisoned several times on charges of murder and other criminal acts and he threatened to murder me because I am a Christian,” Balli told Compass. “He told me that he would murder me and go back to jail and that it does not matter to him.” On Sept. 7, the village head summoned all the Christians and detained them for about eight hours after a Sept. 2 attack by Hindu extremists on a home prayer meeting that severely wounded the head of Raju Narayan. The village head along with Hindu extremists mocked them, and, in coarse language, told them they must not follow Christ. “They forced us to kneel down and worship the idols and also forced us to drink alcohol, and threatened to kill us if we didn’t oblige,” Balli said. On Oct. 8, while the Christians were getting ready to sleep, the extremists started throwing stones at their houses, sending Meena Raju to the hospital with a severe head injury. The Christians filed a police complaint against the attackers. The next day, the enraged extremists went to Balli’s house and other Christian homes and verbally abused them, threatening to kill them. Balli ran for his life to the police station, and other Christian family members hid in a field. The extremists destroyed the houses of the Christians. Police summoned the two parties. “The police told the Christians to worship the idols like all the other villagers and live in harmony with each other,” reported a pastor identified only as Sarichar, coordinator of the Indian Evangelical Team of Chodada division. After the intervention of the National Commission for Minorities, Shirpur Police in-charge P.R. Gulate and his team on Oct. 19 went to the site and investigated, and then registered a case against Dev Das, Gup Singh Paurane and Sai Singh. The attackers were charged with voluntarily causing hurt and intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace. Tensions still prevailed in the area, and at press time police were trying to arrange another meeting between the two parties.
Andhra Pradesh – On Oct. 2, Hindu extremist Goli Suman and a drunken mob broke into Jesus Prayer Hall at Govindupally Jagitiyal town and threatened pastor Badugu Lazarus and other members of the church during a praying meeting. The Catholic Christian Forum reported that the extremists drank on the church premises. That night at 2 a.m., pastor A. Paul Chand rushed to the church and called police. An assistant sub-inspector of the town police station immediately visited the church, and after daybreak the Deva Reddy inspector of police also arrived and gave moral support, suggesting the pastor file a complaint. The Christians filed a complaint, and police arrested three extremists. Six months before, Hindu extremist Malla Reddy and the same group had objected to church construction and threatened to harm Pastor Lazarus if he built a church.
Kerala – On Sept.27 in Ambalavaval, Wayanad, Hindu extremists beat a pastor for his faith in Christ, seriously injuring him. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that a pastor identified only as Jaison E.T. and his wife were distributing gospel tracts and praying for the sick in various homes until one resident ordered them to get out of his family’s house. The Christians left, but later the same man and two Hindu extremists caught up with him in a house where the Christians had been welcomed and severely beat him. The owner of the house tried to stop them and called her husband to help, according to GCIC, and within five minutes he reached their house and gave protection to the pastor. Meantime, more than 20 people turned up to keep the intolerant Hindus from attacking the pastor’s wife.
Karnataka – In Nagnure, Belgaum district, a pastor and another Christian en route to evangelistic work on Sept. 27 were stopped by Hindu extremists who then tied them to a tree and beat them for their faith in Christ. The All India Christian Council (AICC) reported that upon learning of the assault on the pastor, identified only as Kashinath, and the worker from the Indian Missionary Society, Christian youths from the area gathered and retaliated, requiring police intervention. Both parties filed cases against each other the following day. No arrests had been made at press time.
Karnataka – In Sakleshpur, about 50 Hindu extremists from the Bajrang Dal, youth wing of the World Hindu Council, on Sept. 25 forced their way into the End Times Full Harvest Church, manhandled pastor Balzy D’Souza and some Christian women. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that the extremists took Bibles and called police, who quickly arrived and joined the extremists in bullying the Christians. The area sub-inspector ordered them to stop their worship service and close down the church. Three weeks prior, an area inspector of police identified only as Ganesh visited the church and asked the pastor whether he had a license and the necessary permission from authorities to run a church in his house. The officer told him that there had been complaint against him that he had been involved in forcible and fraudulent conversions and that he must stop such illegal activities immediately. Area Christian leaders intervened, meeting with Hassan district official Ajit Singh and arranging a meeting between the Christians and the assailants. The extremists, however, gathered and fabricated a story with a couple of false witnesses that pastor John D’Souza and his colleagues had tried to bribe two people, supposedly paying them10,000 rupees (US$202) each to become Christians. Hindu leaders then issued an ordered that the pastor must stop his activities immediately, as they accused him of causing communal disharmony.
Karnataka – Police in Hulimavy, Bangalore Rural District on Sept. 25 threatened to jail pastor Arunachala Paramashivam of the Church of God Full Gospel India and shuttered his church. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) reported that the Hulimavu police station’s sub-inspector, identified only as Chandru, visited the pastor and asked him whether he had permission for a church, and that he had received complaints against him of forcible and fraudulent conversions. The pastor was arrested and subjected to lengthy questioning by Inspector Balram Gowda, who warned him that if he persisted in continuing with his prayer services, he would be arrested and sent to jail, reported the GCIC. He then ordered him to stop worship services and closed down the church. With area Christian leaders’ intervention, the pastor was able to continue Sunday worship meetings, reported GCIC.
Copyright 2011 Compass Direct News

NATO pulls out of Libya; Christians dig in

Mission Network News: "Libya (ODM/MNN) ― NATO decided to end its Libya mission October 31, even though members of the National Transition Council asked that forces stay on two more months to provide security for its borders.

However, while it doesn't want to provide personnel on the ground, the alliance has not rejected a long-term "security cooperation." It's just one more part of dealing with issues surrounding the new Libya."


Uruguay adopts landmark law to tackle impunity | Ekklesia

Uruguay adopts landmark law to tackle impunity | Ekklesia: "The Uruguayan Congress has adopted a new law that marks an important step toward justice for the many victims of gross human rights violations during the country’s period of military rule.

The law eliminates the effects of the 1986 Amnesty Law (also known as Expiry Law), which protected police and military personnel from being prosecuted for human rights violations, and repeals a statute of limitations that would have prevented victims from filing criminal complaints as of 1 November."


Move to block Sri Lanka hosting Commonwealth meeting | Ekklesia

Move to block Sri Lanka hosting Commonwealth meeting | Ekklesia: "The Commonwealth risks becoming "irrelevant" if its leaders allow Sri Lanka to become its next host, Amnesty International has told the organisation's biennial summit.

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) began in Perth, Australia, on 28 October 2011, with Sri Lanka due to chair the next summit in 2013 despite an appalling human rights record"