Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kenyan bishop hurt in clash with local tribe

Three members of congregation also hurt in attempt to retrieve abducted member

Bishop Daniel Laichena, centre, was injured after demanding
 that Njuri Ncheke elders release a member of his congregation.
David Muchui / Youtube
The bishop of a Pentecostal church in eastern Kenya was hurt on Saturday (Nov. 23) in a clash with elders from a local tribe after a member of his church was abducted.
Three members of the bishop’s congregation were also injured during the clash in Meru, a region on the northeastern slopes of Mt. Kenya.
Bishop Daniel Laichena, head of the Full Gospel Church in Tigania East, was attacked by more than 40 elders of the Njuri Ncheke council at the local shrine where he had gone in an attempt to free the abducted man, Justus Kamai.
Kamai was eventually freed, but he claimed that the elders had forced him to undergo a spiritual ritual inside the shrine.

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