Monday, November 18, 2013

Christians face extinction in Middle East, warns UK Minister

Baroness Warsi says the situation for Christians has become a global crisis

Baroness Warsi on a visit to Pakistan in 2010.
DFID / Flickr / Creative Commons
A UK Foreign Office Minister has warned that Christians in some parts of the world face extinction because of violence against them.
Ahead of a speech at Georgetown University in Washington today, Baroness Warsi told the BBC that this “persecution” has become a global crisis.
Baroness Warsi said the situation was bleak for many religious minorities, but particularly for Christians.
For the Baroness, the key is for politicians in countries with a Christian minority to speak out against discrimination. Beyond speaking out, Baroness Warsi urged politicians to keep their word by ensuring that their national constitutions are met and that international human rights laws are followed.
“We have international articles which are the most translated on freedom of religion but they’re not implemented, so it’s not just about having laws, it’s about politicians having the political will to implement these laws.”

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