Friday, October 11, 2013

Leaving home

A sharia court set up in a building in Kansabba, Syria.
The writing on the left reads:
 “Judge people according to the words of Allah.
” Centre: “Sharia Court.” Right: “There is no God but Allah.”
Photo courtesy of Nuri Kino
Sweden-based journalist Nuri Kino reports on the situation for Christians in Syria, where sharia courts have been erected in some towns. Meanwhile, Ninar Odisho, a 26-year-old Christian was killed because of his faith.

One Syrian jihadist tells him: "Everybody who wants to live in Syria, and who obeys to live according to the Sharia laws and the holy Koran, are welcome to stay in the country. All the others have to go to sinful places. It’s our duty to preach the word of the prophet Muhammad. If we don’t do that and don’t force people to follow his words, we will be punished ourselves."


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