Thursday, May 23, 2013

Human Rights Leader Majed El Shafie Announces Successful Rescue of Victims of Religious Persecution in Afghanistan

TORONTO, May 15, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- On Tuesday evening, One Free World International founder Majed El Shafie met with Dr. Andrew Bennett, Ambassador to the Office of Religious Freedom, to announce the successful rescue of Shoaib and Najiba Assadullah from Afghanistan, where Shoaib endured unspeakable torture while in Nahar-e-Shahi Prison, where he was routinely sexually assaulted during his incarceration - leading to extensive physical injuries.

El Shafie brought Shoaib to the meeting at the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service office in Toronto, where he shared his firsthand account of religious persecution in Afghanistan after being arrested for leading an underground Christian church.

One Free World International arranged their escape from Afghanistan to India and in July 2012, El Shafie traveled to India and brought them to Canada. They are now safe and ready to tell their story.

"Sadly, Shoaib and Najiba's story is far from unique," said El Shafie. "While they now live in the peace and security of Canada, many other Christian converts like them are being hunted and persecuted by their own government in Afghanistan. I appreciate the Ambassador's willingness to hear Shoaib's story. We must be a voice for the voiceless and demand that this persecution stop."

El Shafie will be testifying in the near future about this case before the House Subcommittee of International Human Rights. El Shafie, who himself was arrested, tortured and sentenced to die in Egypt for defending human rights and fighting for freedom of religion and the rights of minorities, is seeking accountability and awareness for women's rights, child abuse and the persecution of minorities in Afghanistan and around the world.

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