Sunday, February 10, 2013

Muslims in Pakistan Allegedly Rapes Christian Teen

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

Fouzia Bibi
PAKISTAN (ANS) -- A Christian teen has allegedly been raped in Pakistan.

Fouzia Bibi, 15, lives in Village Roday, District Kasur.

Her father Malooka Masih has worked as a laborer for the last five years in his landlord's fields. He has three daughters and four sons. Due to the family's poverty, his children also work in the fields to earn some more money for the family.

According to a news release from Christian relief and advocacy group LEAD, on Jan. 25 2013 at about 6:30 PM, Fouzia Bibi went to get milk from one of the landlord's buildings.

LEAD said two influential area Muslims, Sher Muhammad and Shabir Ali, allegedly imprisoned, raped and tortured the young teen. There was no one around to hear Bibi's cries. She was left unconscious.

After regaining consciousness, LEAD said, Bibi returned home and told her mother what had happened-including the names of her alleged attackers. When Bibi's father returned home, her mother let him know about the attack.

LEAD said Masih, along with some other area Christians, immediately went to the police station at Sarai Mughal, but the officials there apparently didn't listen.

The group then went to Pattoki and told Rev.Saleem Gill of the Pattoki Church of Pakistan about the incident.

Gill contacted LEAD Chief Advocate Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill about the incident and asked for legal assistance with the case.

On Jan. 29 2013, LEAD's legal team went to the Deputy Superintendent of Police for Pattoki and filed a complaint against the alleged rapists.

According to LEAD, Masih said the alleged rapists were threatening him and other family members with serious consequences if they pursued the case.

Bibi's uncle Ashiq Masih said, "They are terrified and under threats."

LEAD reported that Mashooq Masih, another uncle, said "We want and demand security for our lives while we will go on work and jobs."

Sardar Mushtaq Gill met with Bibi's family and prayed for them. He said the family is appreciative fo LEAD's support involvement in the case.

LEAD said the group strongly condemns such rapists who destroy the lives of poor and innocence girls.

A LEAD spokesman said, "We demand (that the) government take .. strong steps to eliminate such elements from society."

LEAD is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization  working with children, families and communities to help overcome poverty and injustice.

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