Thursday, November 8, 2012

Does Church Registration in Kazakhstan Make a Difference?

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service
KAZAKHSTAN (ANS) -- Kazakhstan continues its attempt to make exercising the freedom of religion or belief dependent on state permission.
Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
According to a story by Forum 18 News Service's Mushfig Bayram, Council of Churches Baptists face possible confiscation of their homes if they continue to meet.

Pastor Dmitry Yantsen of the Council asked rhetorically, "What difference does it make whether you are registered or not?"
Forum 18 said Yantsen also said that raids are continuing against both registered and unregistered communities. An independent mosque has been threatened with demolition by a bulldozer.
Imam Kinayat Ismailov told Forum 18 that he thinks criminal allegations against him are to "create the grounds for his firing or closing the mosque."
Forum 18 said other independent mosques are being pressured into joining the state-backed Muslim Board.
In addition, Forum 18 reported, the state Agency of Religious Affairs continues to find a number of excuses to refuse to reregister churches belonging to Grace Presbyterian Church.
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