Monday, September 24, 2012

Pakistani Christians joined Muslim Protestors against Controversial Video

By Jeremy Reynalds
Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

Protesters condemning the video

TOBA TEK SINGH, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- Christians across Pakistan are joining Muslims to protest against a controversial anti-Muslim video on YouTube.

According to a report received by the ASSIST News Service from our correspondent in Pakistan, Muslims are organizing protest rallies, demonstrations, seminars, conferences, press conferences and more to condemn the anti-Islam video.

ASSIST News Pakistani correspondent Ashfaq Fateh said that Christians in Pakistan are also upset about the video and in various areas have joined forces with Muslims to condemn the video.

ANS Correspondent Ashfaq Fateh
addressing the rally
Fateh attended a demonstration in the city of Toba Tek Singh, and said he was allowed the opportunity by Muslims to speak to thousands of protesters on behalf of the Christian community.

Fateh said he told rally attendees it doesn’t advance the cause of any religion to promote negative material like that contained in the controversial video.

Fateh said he continued to say that Christians in Toba Tek Singh always organize activities that promote harmony, friendship, brotherhood and peace.

He added, “Whenever, there have been anti-Islam actions from anywhere in the world, Christians of Toba Tek Singh took the lead to condemn them, and express solidarity with Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan and around the world.”

Fateh told us Hajji Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhry, National Assembly member said, “The rally and conference is a message to anti-peace elements who are trying to destabilize world peace by doing evil … plans such as making caricatures and profane movie. The conference participants including Muslims and Christians are united to demand to put on trial the producers of the film, the actors and its financiers.”

Anwar Chaudhry continued, “Muslims in the world give high respect to all prophets and the last Prophet Muhammad … For the honor of our much-loved Prophet Muhammad … millions are ready to die and will not tolerate such hateful things.”

According to Fateh, Sahibzada Muneen Hussnan Saddique, Chief of Suni Thareek (an Islamic religious-political party) District Toba Tek Singh said, “The Muslims have never done such profane things about any prophet of other religions, however, for the last decade, profane material is being produced with regular intervals.”

He continued by urging people of other religions to join the Muslim world for the sake of lasting peace, prosperity and development and demanded that the UN and the USA take action against the creator of the video. He also demanded that the video be removed from the Internet.

Fateh said the Christian demonstrations and support against the video have been greatly appreciated by Muslims.

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