Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prominent Syrian Christians killed

Syria (MNN) ― In the midst of deadly clashes between Syrian military and rebel forces, Syrian Christians are dying.

Thousands of Syrians, including large numbers of Christians, have fled from their homes in Homs, Damascus, and most recently, Aleppo. There have been reports of the targeting of Christians by both government and opposition sides, although most church leaders point out that targeting is politically motivated or is criminal activity for economic gain. Seldom are attacks religiously motivated.

Whatever the motivation, several prominent Syrian Christians have been killed recently, reports EFCA TouchGlobal. For security reasons, their names cannot be released, but at least two prominent men have been killed, one along with his family.

Many Christians still fear that radical Islamist groups are becoming more influential and that this may lead to increased hostility toward Christians and other minorities. They fear that they may become more vulnerable to criminal activity, including kidnapping-for-ransom incidents, says TouchGlobal.

TouchGlobal has released a special list of prayer requests in repose to these recent and tragic deaths. Please pray that:

- Christians will know the protection of the Father, the inner peace of Jesus, and the daily guidance of the Spirit.

- Church leaders will know the Spirit's guidance concerning public worship and private pastoral support of their congregations.

- The bereaved, wounded, and traumatized will know the comfort, presence, and healing touch of Jesus.

- There will be an end to violence by all parties, and that a just resolution and constructive reform will follow

- Many will know the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

- In the long term, there will be greater religious freedom for all citizens.

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