Monday, March 12, 2012

Belarus Bishop’s request in letter complaining about pastor’s house raid has been denied

By Victoria Uzunova of the Christian Telegraph (  
Special to ASSIST News Service

MINSK, BELARUS (ANS) -- The main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee refused to examine a letter from Sergey Homich, Bishop of the United Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in Belarus, in which he asked officials to explain why a pastor’s house was stormed reports the Christian mega portal -- -- in reference to Grace Church press center.

Men attacking the church (Photo:
According to the Committee’s reply, the letter was denied since it “lacked the necessary documentation” that it said should have been included to confirm the applicant’s authority.
However, according the Belarusian law, written appeals do not require such documentation.

As was reported earlier, several men in camouflage burst into the house of a pastor from the John the Precursor Church in Minsk.

There were 50 people in the house at the time, 32 of whom were arrested and taken to the police department. After few hours, they were released.

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