Monday, September 5, 2011

Gambia Tough on Religious Extremism

According to the website AllAfrica, the president of the Republic of Gambia has once again warned that his country is a "no go area" for extremists who use Islam to engage in violent activities done in the name of "so-calledjihad" waged on innocent people, denouncing such acts as unIslamic. Dr. Yahya Jammeh was speaking Tuesday afternoon at the State House in Banjul when he warned "so-called Muslims" that a religion based on monetary inducement and violent extremism will not be tolerated in Gambia. He said: "A religion that is violent is unIslamic. So let those who oppose the Islamic religion and want to bring a different religion, put their countries in chaos, and shifted their attention to Africa in view of its poor financial status, be aware that Gambia is a no go area for them." According to President Jammeh, what is even more pathetic is the fact that several who call themselves Islamic militants execute the most ungodly things during the holy days of Ramadan.

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