Friday, August 12, 2011

Pakistan Bible distribution moves forward

Pakistan (MNN) ―Persecution is frequent for Christians trying to live peacefully in the 95% Muslim nation of Pakistan. Believers in Christ practice their faith cautiously, trying to remain strong amid difficult circumstances.
Unfortunately, God's Word--an unfailing source of strength--is difficult to access in Pakistan. Few Pakistani believers own their own copy of the Scriptures.

A lack of Scriptures not only makes persecution more difficult to deal with, but it makes growth even harder for new Christians just beginning in their faith. However, despite severe persecution in Pakistan--it is #11 out of all nations on the World Watch List for persecution, people are turning to Christ in droves.

"In 2010, more than 100,000 people (in Pakistan) accepted Christ and were baptized," notes Mawii Pudaite with Bibles for the World.

As the church continues to boom, so does the need for Scriptures. Bibles for the World is responding.

The ministry has been in touch with one reputable pastor in particular who is in high need of Bibles, says Pudaite. "Our pastor friend has sent us e-mails and telephoned us with urgent requests for Bibles, New Testaments and Gospels."
Bibles for the World is helping by first sending out thousands of copies of the Gospel of John.

"We will print the Gospel of John with the title, 'The Book of Hope and Light,'" says Pudaite. "We will also provide new Testaments and Bibles. Our prayerful goal is to print 150,000 copies of the Gospel of John for the first run."

The cost to print and distribute one copy of the Gospel of John in Urdu is just $0.25, and each copy will reach one family. Essentially, with $25, 100 families will be reached with the message of Christ.

"It will produce spiritual fruit and changed lives," notes Pudaite. "This is how Pakistan will be changed for good."
Many who read the Scriptures will be Christians, and many will be hearing the Good News for the first time. Only God knows the full scope of all that these Scriptures will do, but Pudaite reminds us that God promises His Word "will not return to Him void."

Because Pakistan is a high security risk area, Bibles for the World does not have a direct link to the Pakistan Bible project on their Web site. Instead, to get involved, contact Bibles for the World here, ormake a note with your contribution here.

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